Rachael Rice

Rachael's been working in Democratic politics since graduating from Washington College in 1992. A field operative at heart (Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, then Maryland again) she opened the doors of Rice Consulting in 2001. The best part? The Democratic Convention every four years. Her goal? More women in office.  Her dream? Find a way to use her skills to help dogs help people, and vice versa. When she's not at work, you can find Rachael on the tennis court, out and about in Bel Air, her hometown, with her husband, Dave Carey, walking with her chocolate lab Augie, french bulldog Hugo and her dog group, or volunteering at her alma mater, The John Carroll School.

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Laurie Scannell

Laurie is Rice Consulting's oldest employee (although she doesn't look it) hired in 2001. She is Controller/Office Manager and if her voicemail says she is "unavailable" you can probably find her on a sandy beach somewhere. 

Caroline Barkuloo

Caroline is one of Rice Consulting's oldest (and youngest) employees.  A true Golden Girl at heart + all-things Disney enthusiast, she handles candidate and committee fundraising accounts, and will happily offer her two cents to any client planning a Disney vacation.

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Jessica Rosado

Jessica comes with over 13 years of experience in the Marketing/Advertising as well as Media/Entertainment industries. When she's not creating compelling products and websites, she enjoys running, cooking, thrifting and crafting.

Avid X-Files and Film Noir fan.

Loves strong coffee and prefers to communicate in gifs.

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Ashley Taylor

Ashley files Maryland and FEC campaign finance reports, processes donations, and works with Treasurers to keep the books balanced. A tough competitor, Ashley enjoys bowling (she is the Vice President of her league and helps youth bowlers), softball and Washington football.

Evan McLaughlin

A native of Towson, Evan worked on his first Maryland campaign as a freshman in high school and hasn't looked back.  Evan absorbs Maryland legislative and political news and is attuned to the nuances of Campaign Finance Law.


Augie has worked at Rice Consulting for 12 years.  He specializes in long naps, monitoring trash cans, licking plates and lunchtime walks with his parents.  When he is not at Rice, Augie volunteers as a certified therapy dog with Pets on Wheels of Central Maryland, exercises weekly at the Canine Swim Center and loves spending every morning at dog group with Sophie, Dugan, Backstrom, Molly, Olive, Ellie, Millie, Jordan and the rest of the gang.

Hugo Maurice

Hugo started at Rice Consulting in 2019. A Delaware native, he has adjusted quickly to life in Bel Air.  Hugo loves the beach, meeting new people, following his big brother, Augie, everywhere, bringing sticks into the house, going for car rides, and playing with his puppy friends Moses and George.