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Rice Consulting helps you develop a long-term strategy to reach your fundraising goals. Our main priority is raising more money for you while keeping costs low, letting you bank more of what you raise!

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Campaign Finance Reporting

Rice Consulting will work with your treasurer and the State Board of Elections to file your campaign finance reports accurately and on time.  Because we reconcile your bank account and update CRIS monthly, your campaign won't be scrambling when the filing deadline approaches, especially during election year.  We can even help you locate discrepancies and file amendments to balance your report to your bank account.

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Database Building

An accurate, complete, well-maintained fundraising database is the foundation for fundraising success.

Building a database that is tailored to you and your constituency is essential. We update your database annually with new data from your district, the Annapolis political and lobbying community and contacts from our own extensive Rice Consulting database.

Rice Consulting’s expert database management will guarantee your database is current and reliable and that you are maximizing every opportunity to contact donors. We systematize, enhance, and manage each client's fundraising database, adding names of proven Democratic contributors and all of your personal contacts.

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Web Design & Development

Websites are absolutely necessary for all political campaigns, especially for fundraising! Rice Consulting can revamp your current website or build a site from the ground up. We’ll maintain the site to keep all information timely, accurate, and accessible to your constituents, showcasing past accomplishments, current legislative initiatives and activities in your community.

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Print & Design & Photography Services

A polished and professional look is a critical part of a successful campaign, and Rice Consulting offers a variety of creative services to help brand your effort.  We design custom campaign material that reflects the spirit and message of your campaign. This includes photography, yard signs, logos, banners, t-shirts, lapel stickers and any other kind of campaign swag.


Rice Consulting clients have several options for custom invitation designs. Custom invitations do more than just advertise your upcoming fundraising events, they remind voters who you are and what your campaign is about.

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Social Media Marketing

Keep your constituents updated on your achievements in office and show your dedication to the district with an effective social media strategy. Even if you’re making a first-time run for office, it’s crucial to collect as many followers on social media as possible.

Let Rice Consulting bring your campaign up to speed on the latest online campaigning trends with our social media marketing plan. Our media team will help run your various social media accounts, updating them and linking your website and blog posts across multiple platforms to maximize viewers and followers.

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E-blasts, E-newsletters & Peer to Peer Texting

From Session updates to asking for campaign volunteers to that last fundraising push before the deadline, e-blasts and e-newsletters are the perfect tool for reaching out to your constituents and keeping them informed! 


Rice Consulting will also utilize peer to peer texting to drive support, increase event attendance and energize voters.

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Incumbency Protection

Don't get lazy during non-election years! Rice Consulting will work with you on targeted outreach to protect your position.

Our Incumbency Protection Plan will marginalize or even eliminate your potential challengers, maintain constituent outreach, build up your database with new contacts to increase future fundraising capabilities and improve your favorable ratings and name recognition among voters.

Don't have a database? Not a problem - We’re happy to build from the ground up!
Not satisfied with your current contact universe? Call us today!

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